Brand engagement on is a unique online community all about fashion aimed at young women aged around 16 to 24 years. It is a one-stop destination for the best in video content, blogging news and inspiration all focused around fashion.

Our editor, well-known fashion commentator and blogger Simon Glazin, is the site’s creative director and public face, with a stable of great fashion writers at his disposal, as well as our own hand-picked presenters.

Via our loyalty scheme members are encouraged to comment and share content on the site and with their social networks (twitter and Facebook).

Our Muses are happy to engage with brands when those brands reward them for their time, so we are always keen to ensure that potential brand partners work with us to create transparent, rewarding and bespoke activities. Options include:


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Bespoke competitions 

We can create competitions as simple as a giveaway of prizes for fashion-forward teens and young women, through to competitions which are bespoke and multi-layered. For VERY.CO.UK we went behind the scenes at their new-season launch with Fearne Cotton, and then did a linked giveaway.

Content creation: video and editorial
We can create episodes of the Muse specifically tailored to individual brands; behind-the-scenes interviews, branded events covered by our Muse style interviewers, mini editorial pieces on our site and across our suite of community platforms. We can create rich pieces of content for your brand with the style, wit, credibility and resources of the Muse.

Branded Pages
We can take existing editorial content or co-create new content with brands in order to set up a wholly branded bespoke page within our Muse site. This gives Muse users the opportunity to really spend time with your brand within an environment they respect and have an affinity to.

Brands can engage with Muses by co-creating a bespoke event to launch a new product, try out a new positioning for a brand, or just to spend time with our audience in a unique and memorable way. This can create real viral buzz which goes beyond the event itself and recruits new cohorts.

Contact for more information and to get a quote.

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