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that the consolation games were a bad idea to begin with, given the unnecessary threat to player safety. "Coach Walsh and Serra should be commended," said Piedmont resident Steven Humphries. "Consolation formats are suited for basketball and baseball tournaments. There is no reason to play meaningless consolation playoff games that add additional physical risk to player safety." So why even play the games? The answer is complex. The games were implemented because of a possible change in the CIF football structure where non section champions would be considered for regional play. Now only champions can move on. With that in mind, the CCS decided it needed a trial run to consider an additional round. The commissioners would maintain they don’t invent the bylaws principals and coaches do but the CCS enforces them. Cesano, though he vehemently disagrees with Walsh’s stance, thinks a compromise can still be met. "I’m pretty sure if coach Walsh goes to a face to face meeting with the CCS board

Steve Jobs and the Value of a Good Prank Steve Wozniak, or as he is commonly called, is best known for co founding Apple along with high school friend Steve Jobs. But Wozniak didn set out to establish one of the world most influential computer companies. His goal early in life was to be an engineer and a lifelong employee of Hewlett Packard and to have enough spare time to tinker with electronic gadgets. It was that desire to
Cheap nike jerseys design clever electronic devices that led to many of Wozniak early inventions. Berkeley in 1971, Wozniak read an Esquire Magazine article on the phreaks who illicitly explored the telephone network. He figured out how to build his own electronic box to generate the tones required to
Cheap nike jerseys make free long distance phone calls. In 1973, he started the first hotline in the San Francisco Bay Area out of his home, telling all the jokes himself. While working at Hewlett Packard, Wozniak continued to design electronic devices in his spare time, and in 1975 created the first personal computer that used

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