In The Spotlight: Christopher Kane

Kate from A Shopaholic’s Vision Brings You All the
goss on this week’s fash-celeb in the spotlight:
Designer Christopher Kane! 

Known for his fabulous concoctions of lace and crochet, neons and pastels, leather and silk, Christopher Kane is one of the most talked about fashion designers of all time.

His designs are loved by celebs, and have been worn by the likes of Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, Keira Knightly and Elle Fanning, to name a few.

Since graduating from Central Saint Martin’s in 2006, the Glaswegian-born designer has not stopped dazzling everyone with his ground breaking and beautiful collections, and he launched his very own label the same year with his business partner and sister, Tammy.

One of his admirers is Donnatella Versace, who said: ‘Christopher is my favourite designer. He and Tammy remind me so much of me and Gianni – brother and sister working together.’

Christopher has even designed for Versace’s sister label Versus, but left in 2012 to focus on his own label. (Although he still remains good friends with Donnatella!)

Fact File:

1. He once took his entire staff to see the stage version of Jesus Christ Superstar

2. He thinks Andrew Lloyd Weber is a genius

3. He has guest designed for Topshop and J.Brand

4. He’s won LOADS of awards including Best British Designer at the Elle Style Awards and Best British Collection at the British Fashion Awards

Kane is adored by so many celebs and fashion insiders that it’s hardly surprising people have said he’s just as influential as Alexander McQueen. There is no doubt he will continue to be loved in the industry, as he always leaves everyone eagerly waiting his latest collections!

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