In The Spotlight: Tavi Gevinson’s All Grown Up…

Kate from A Shopaholic’s Vision brings you all the goss on this week’s fash-celeb in the spotlight:
17-year old Tavi Gevinson! 


The quirky, bold and uber cool fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson is now all grown up!

Starting her blog,, at just 11-years-old, Tavi, now aged 17, is the editor in chief of Rookie magazine – an online publication for teenage girls. Tavi started by posting straight-faced photographs of herself  outside her home in Chicago.  She wrote with an advanced knowledge of fashion and spoke of some of her favourite designers like Rodarte and Comme Des Garcons, but some couldn’t believe that an 11-year-old could write so well.

With her silver hair, clear plastic glasses and an eye for putting clothes together fabulously, she was soon recognised as the fantastic young journalist that she is today.

Invited to fashion weeks all over the world, Tavi met fashion giants such as Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano to name a few, and soon became a darling of the fash-pack whilst still continuing to blog in her same witty and insightful way.

Now at 16, Tavi has moved on to another project; her online magazine Rookie, where she and other young writers speak about film, feminism, music, fashion and general life lessons.

Tavi recently said that  she feels like she has drifted away from fashion: ’In a way, fashion had been this magical thing I was obsessed with. I was such a fan.But then I got a little too close to it, and that was kind of saddening.’

However she still dresses with the same positive attitude and quirky edge!

As a 14-year-old blogger myself, Tavi is a HUGE source of inspiration for me – she is what made me want to start a blog and made me interested in fashion. I look forward to seeing what Tavi does in the future, could she be the next editor of Vogue? Or Teen Vogue maybe?

Anna Wintour better watch her back!

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