The Muse Panel – Primark’s Christmas Jumpers…

“Christmas jumpers are either cringe or cute. Some people love them and some hate them, just think of them as the Marmite of the wooly knit world. When I got my snowman Christmas jumper through the door my first thought was “wow this is hilariously amazing!”, my mum was dead jealous, especially of the sticky-out, 3-D nose. What’s even better is I got it the day before National Christmas Jumper Day, so obviously I wore it to work to commemorate such an occasion!”

A Day At The Office:

To make it part of my formal work wear attire I paired it with a grey skirt & black tights. Simple! I then added my black ankle boots and that was my look complete. It looked festive and fashionable and all my work colleagues thought the jumper was great & very very cute. I had numerous comments throughout the day about it and how everyone thought it was brilliant. Even the car park attendant wanted a photo!

Everyday Casual Look:

I wore this look out and about, doing a last few bits of Christmas shopping. I paired it with skinnies and my Uggs and completed the look with my rock chick leather jacket, which I literally wear with everything!

A Cute Collar Day:

Teaming a collar with a jumper transforms it into a chic, trendy look. I paired it with a beaded collar T-shirt and it immediately looked more fashionable (this is especially good  for the festive fashion conscious). Even the comical factor of the jumper didn’t hold against the collar. Overall I think this was my favourite look. I wore the jumper collar combo with skinny jeans but any bottoms would look great with this style.

Final Verdict:

This jumper has to be my festive guilty pleasure and is definitely one to wear to catch people’s eye. The complements and comments I had whilst wearing it were great, with the majority loving the jumper!

I know what I’ll be wearing Christmas Day this year!!

“In just two days, this jumper has fast become a favourite in my winter jumper collection. It’s warm, bright, fun and eye-catching – and exactly my kind of look. People commented on the cosy Christmas feeling it brought to my outfits, and really, who couldn’t love a jumper with Rudolph on the front?!”

School Day: 

I wore this with a black skater skirt, tights and black flats. Keeping the rest of my outfit neutral meant the jumper really stood out, and I got tons of compliments on the colour and style of it.

Starbucks Run: 

With simple black leggings and military boots, this jumper kept me warm and comfortable and casual, so was the perfect outfit for coffee with friends. I accessorized with a black collar necklace to jazz it up a bit.

Christmas Shopping:

Statement jumper + skinnies + ankle boots = the perfect look for a day out Christmas shopping! Really enjoyed being able to stay warm and look good at the same time.

Final Verdict:

Overall, I love this jumper. The quality of the knit is fantastic, and it looks great with almost everything. Definitely will be going to Primark for knitwear more often!

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