Blogging for beginners – part four…

Our resident blogging expert, Lucinda Reid, talks about the importance of social media when starting your own blog. Take note Musers, some every useful tips here…


In the blogging world there does come a time when you metaphorically hit a brick wall: what do you do when you write great content with catchy headlines but still no one’s reading it?

Sadly has met that wall. So what can I do to get my blog out there, to market it in such a way to increase my followers?

Well, I soon discovered that social media was my blog’s best friend:

- Every time you write a new post ALWAYS pop the link onto your Facebook page so all your friends can read your material easily.

- Facebook is also beneficial as people can share your blog on their pages if they like what you are writing.

- Double your chances of traffic for your blog by using Twitter: you can reach a wide audience as you can add popular tags and people into your tweet so that it is not just your followers who see your blog.

- I have just joined which has a huge fashion community and I hope to gain followers by adding regular outfit posts onto this site.

- Take a look at too and start creating some fabulous ‘boards’. People re-pin your items which also increases awareness of YOU and your blog!

- Obviously The Muse TV is a GREAT way to get your name out there too. With their new student reporter initiative (write, film or even take street style pictures around campus for, I can’t wait to start reading all the amazing content written by their new recruits!

Aside from the internet, there are also other ways to market your blog. In a previous instalment I spoke of the River Island early bird discount sale and how I spoke to the other shoppers. Before the event I made some business cards that I gave out to people when I told them I was blogging about the event. By doing a small gesture like this you never know how many followers you could gain. Posters and flyers also work for getting your blog noticed in different areas.

However, the key to success does ultimately occur from networking with other bloggers. I have tried and tested the previous tips and although it has increased my traffic, it has not persuaded my readers to follow my blog. Every day I visit the popular blogs with their thousands of followers and wonder when I will receive the same recognition?

From the advice of various bloggers online it appears the best way to gain followers is by commenting on other blogs. If you show interest in other bloggers and write with great knowledge on your subject this will encourage others to click on your profile and find out more. The more blogs you interact with the greater chance you have of bloggers interacting back to you. This will take time, but use the blogs with thousands of followers as inspiration. If it happened to them, it can to you too.

Until next time Musers…

Have you been faced with a similar problem on your blogs Musers? What is your best tip to get people following? 

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