Blogging for Beginners – part two…

The key to a successful blog is its individuality.

Recently in a television interview, Perez Hilton spoke about his blogging experiences and commented on the importance of finding a new idea that someone is yet to convey. He did this when he first started, bringing up to date celebrity news to his readers that normally would have to wait a week for it to be released in a magazine.

If you think you have something new to illustrate and have chosen the correct blogging platform through my tips in my previous feature, the fun can really begin.

Luckily for bloggers there are many tools to enhance your creativity. Firstly, the easiest way to make your blog unique is through photos. Now, I do not have a professional camera and make do with my trusty Samsung phone to take snaps when inspiration strikes, so if you do not have specialized equipment don’t let this stop you blogging.

Last week, to try and gain some more followers for my own blog, I decided to take photos of my outfits like many of the professional bloggers do. I had always resisted this in the past, trying to make my blog more about news than personal touches, but do take note from the best bloggers, as this is an easy idea that can really get attention for your blog. It also helps you remember which outfits looked the best for future reference – a kind of virtual wardrobe!

Aside from the fun you can have with your camera phone (downloading Instagram is a must-have app if you’re on an iPhone), it is important that you get lots of interesting writing on there too… after a lucky look on Twitter I discovered that River Island was holding an early bird sale. I arrived at my local store at 6.45am to ensure I got the extra 50% wrist band they were giving out. Although the early morning was a struggle, it made my blog post about the event more interesting as I was able to chat to the other shoppers and find out why they loved the high street!

***Always check Twitter and online magazine websites to catch the latest news so that you can report on it yourself***

***Never feel pressured to ask lots of questions and take photos if you attend an event. Sometimes it is better to be natural so that the public feel more at ease. I always find that I get better content if I don’t whip out my dictaphone immediately as this sometimes unnerves people***


When I first started my blog I also tried out some mini videos. I only had the webcam on my laptop but that worked well for my first attempt. If you feel natural in front of a camera this is great way to get your message across. I love watching all the videos on the and believe more and more bloggers will use this multi-media to enhance their own blogs.

***If making your own videos is too daunting, platforms like allow you to easily import videos onto your posts too!***


Encouraging reader interaction is a great way to boost your blog. In my next feature I will share some of the ways to promote your blog so that you can get more readers, but this week I solved a reader’s dilemma as they asked me to find Jessie J’s style on the high street. This will hopefully encourage others to send me their own fashion problems. I will definitely update you if it is a success in the next instalment Musers!

Keep blogging and remember to share your own ideas by posting a comment below, I can’t wait to hear about your own experiences!


 Top 5 tips to enhance your blog:

  • Take photos everywhere you go! If you see something or someone that inspires you take a picture as this may then lead to an innovative post
  • Keep reading online magazine websites Twitter as they always release new fashion stories first
  • Use video and audio to enhance your content and make it more interactive for your readers
  • If you have any fashion events in your local area always try and attend. You will get more readers the more effort you put into your posts!
  • Finally, keep an eye on any new widgets that are available for your blogging platform. I recently added a Twitter widget onto my blogging page that constantly shows a stream of tweets that are related to high street fashion. Adding ideas like this to your page alongside great content make the whole blog more professional!

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