This month’s Mega Muse winner is…

Janeway! Congratulations Jane, who racked up 9000 points! Pretty impressive, isn’t it Musers? And because of Jane’s Mega Muse status, she has won VIP tickets to the Victoria & Albert Museum’s (V&A) Ballgowns – British glamour since 1950 exhibition. 

Yes, Jane and a friend are off to the V&A to cover the amazing exhibit for us, so look out for her blog post, with pictures of course!

Next month could by you… as you know Musers, once a month our computer geeks behind the scenes count up the Muse Points (found on your profile, in the bright pink box at the top) you have racked up through commenting, sharing, Tweeting and ‘liking’ our posts and videos, and the Muser with the most points wins.

It’s that simple.

So to be in for a chance to win a super special prize like Jane’s, it’s time to get busy on our site Musers!

Good luck x

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