Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launch StyleMint exclusively with Stylistpick…

We’re used to seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in super expensive, high end clothes, usually a gorgeous dress with explosions of taffeta or tulle somewhere on it, or a super-chic trouser suit. And I’m sure we all remember THAT rather expensive handbag from their own line – The Row. What was it? About £25,000?

Well not any more Musers. Thanks to, we can all now enjoy a little slice of the Olsen sisters’ wardrobe without spending too much. The StyleMint collection, which actually launched in the US a while back, has TODAY gone live on the UK site, and we can confirm that it’s rather lovely!

It’s a very basic collection of T-shirts, dresses and skirts that can be dressed up or down very easily. Starting from £15, StyleMint’s casual take on everyday staples is a good start for anyone looking to update their summer wardrobes.

The likes of Emma Roberts, Rachel Bilson, Dakota Fanning and Dianna Agron have all been spotted in StyleMint, so can’t be that bad, huh?

Definitely Museworthy!

VICTORIA pocket detail T-shirt, £18 – BUY NOW

WILSHIRE ruched sleeve T-shirt, £18 – BUY NOW

MONROVIA floral print long sleeve top, £20 – BUY NOW

LIFE white T-shirt, £18 – BUY NOW

BROADWAY stripe jersey dress (other colours available), £20 – BUY NOW

BARLEY striped long sleeve top, £20 – BUY NOW

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