Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter, and her school wardrobe…

Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s FASHionate daughter, has followed in her mother’s footsteps in terms of boasting an eclectic style. “Lola”, as she likes to be called, was recently pictured looking effortlessly chic as she walked to her high school, Laguardia Arts in New York City. Notable alumni include THE Azealia Banks.

Lourdes teamed a cropped leather jacket, a texture-mix pair of jeans with a jersey insert and a pair of creepers as she strolled to her lessons, carrying a pair of shoes and an Urban Outfitters bag… change of clothes perhaps?

Earlier on this month, her mum wasn’t too happy at a few photos of her that appeared on the web… Well at least she’s not gone too off the rails as she IS still attending class, albeit very fashionably!

Do you think Lourdes’ school attire is Museworthy??

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