H&M are red carpet ready!

As if the high street couldn’t get any more glamorous, H&M go and outdo everyone with their new exclusive Conscious collection!

The high street giants have launched their red carpet range with a collection of the most incredible pieces, all made from sustainable materials: organic cotton and hemp and recycled polyester to name two. Impressive huh? We think so!

What’s even more impressive is that, if you hadn’t noticed from the flourish of press attention already, certain celebrities have graced some red carpets wearing H&M – Amanda Seyfried donned the blue tuxedo blazer and shorts, The Help’s Viola Davis wore the hot-pink sleeveless top and skirt, Sex And The City’s Kristin Davis has been seen in the apple green embroidered dress and Michelle Williams wore an H&M one off gold draped organic cotton bodice and skirt at this year’s BAFTA awards.

So you see, thanks to H&M and their Conscious collection, we can now all be one step closer to a bit of A List couture, on a very reasonable budget.

If you haven’t seen these pieces yet, get down to a store near you soon. They are a bit mesmerising, and guaranteed you’re left thinking: ‘How on EARTH are these on the high street?!’

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Big ruffle dress, £199.99

Dramatic dress, £149.99

Lime dress, £59.99

Embroidered dress, approx. £58

Tuxedo jacket, approx. £50

Shorts, approx. £20

Organza dress, £59.99

Floral print dress, approx. £58

Floral print cropped jacket, approx. £50

Top, approx. £15.99

Skirt, approx. £24.99

Purple applique dress, approx. £49.99

Michelle, Kristin and Amanda all in H&M!

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