Give your shoes a re-vamp!

If the shoes you once loved are now looking faded and dull, consider some of these ways you can bring them back to glory! Sabrina Johnson, shoe expert and creator of the blog, shares her top tips for customising some of your tired heels! 


Shoe Clips

Customising doesn’t always have to be permanent. Shoe clips mean that a pair of shoes can be re-styled depending on the style you want. Also, if there’s a particular shoe clip accessory that you really love, it can be shared across your heels, wedges and flats. Such a versatile way of updating your once favourite heels and adding some more interest to any outfit!

I’d strongly recommend anything by London shoe designer, Cleo B. They are having a sale on at the moment, with prices starting from £24!!

Upcycle your shoe-drobe

When clearing out your wardrobe, before you throw out your old shoes, think about upcycling.  Show some love and care towards well loved footwear by polishing leather shoes, or re-heeling and re-soling if necessary to make them wearable again.

Go further still and redecorate and redesign old shoes for a change at an upcycling workshop or shoe making class. Try Prescott and Mackay, who offer courses in London or further afield in the USA or Australia (should we have any readers across the seas!). Then you will have a fresh choice of materials and instruments to make a whole new shoe.

The “Recycle” pump by Liza Fredrika Åslund sports a heel whittled from chunks of wood left over from furniture construction

Shoe drawing

If you have artistic hands, then why not use your skills on your footwear to design them as you please! A good tip worth noting when customising with pens and paints for the first time: start with light coloured fabric shoes rather than dark.  You will be able to use a wider range of colours and it will be easier to predict how permanent markers and paints will turn out.

You can buy amazing sets of fabric pens in varying nib sizes from the haberdashery sections in department stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams or independent ones. They aren’t very expensive (usually £5 or slightly more for a pack) and can be used a lot!


Swarovski Crystals

It’s difficult to get sparkly shoes exactly to your taste.  Try buying some plain shoes and applying the sparkles yourself - a customising shoe trend that has been going now for a good few years. Doen’t we all love at least a tiny bit of sparkle?

Architect turned shoe designer Julian Hakes, created a bespoke pair of his Mojito shoes for Nicki Minaj. If some crystal detail is good enough for the Queen of rap, then it is for us!

Also this is a REALLY good way of adding embellishment to your outfits without it being too ‘in your face’.

THE one off Mojito heels designed for Nicki Minaj by Julian Hakes.

Justin Timberlake’s custom Nike trainers by Pauline Clifford of

Or keep it really simple and get some shoe stickers. Stick them on, job done. Try

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