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A blog is no longer just a rolling stream of someone’s opinions. Some blogs are looked upon as Holy Grails of their sector. Fashion blogs, in particular, are vital for the industry now – a lot of the top ones have more viewers than some magazines have readers. For some talented individuals their blogs, their ‘babies’, are now their daily bread. Ella Gregory, editor/creator/fabulous being of uber popular fashion blog Coco’s Tea Party, is one of the lucky few.

London based fashion journalist Ella took to her blog in 2006. Click on the ‘About’ section on her site and you’ll learn that ‘Coco’s Tea Party is a fashion website which closely follows the relationship between Hollywood and the fashion industry, bringing you up-to-date news on the hottest magazine covers, latest red carpet appearances and current catwalk trends… [it] aims to bring a fresh and playful approach to current fashion news’. We LOVE Ella’s blog for this reason… keeping up to date with Hollywood and it’s A Listers has been made much easier thanks to her.

We were lucky enough to be able to ask Ella a few questions. For the girl that has been in publications such as Glamour magazine, Marie Claire and LOOK magazine, we simply had to say Ella… WE WANT YOUR JOB!



The Muse: Firstly, what is your day job?

Ella: I’m a full time fashion blogger, writing for my own site Coco’s Tea Party, which I launched in September 2006.

The Muse: How did you first enter into the fashion industry?

Ella: I started writing my blog Coco’s Tea Party when I was 16 and still studying for my A-Levels. I didn’t have any contacts in the fashion industry or previous experience, so I just worked hard, learning as much as I could. Once I started studying Fashion Journalism at university Coco’s Tea Party really began to take off, and I began making connections in the industry and also interned at a range of magazines.

The Muse: Tell us what a typical day is like for you – where you’d go, who you’d see, what are your daily rituals?

Ella: I wake up early, have breakfast then start working on the blog. On a normal day I will have a new post up by 9am and will then go on to post up to four times a day. No week is the same, but I tend to have two or three days of working from home and then juggle appointments with PRs and events over the rest of the week. I try to turn off my laptop and stop emails by 7.30 every evening, but that sometimes doesn’t go to plan.

The Muse: Why do you love your job?

Ella: I have full creative control over what I do, which is a real treat and I’m incredibly lucky. I’ve always wanted to work in fashion and it was never my original intention to work online, but I fell in love with the immediacy and buzz blogging gives you.

The Muse: How has the fashion online world changed things for you?

Ella: It’s given me so many great opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have received at this point in my life, had I gone into fashion via a more traditional route. The internet makes it so much easier to connect with people and there isn’t an overwhelming feeling of hierarchy either, so it’s possible for a 16 year-old blogger to have a voice.

The Muse: Any tips on how to enter into the industry?

Ella: The online world is only going to become more important, so starting a blog is a great way to find your feet and make connections – and you never know where it could lead. And as well as interning and networking it’s really important to learn as much as you can about the industry. Watch every fashion documentary, read every magazine and book… if you don’t know your stuff no one will take you seriously.

The Muse: What’s been your favourite/proudest moment in your job to date and why?

Ella: The real pinch-yourself-moment for me was when I was first invited to the Burberry show at London Fashion Week. It was when they’d just returned to London, I was still in my second year of university and it was my first proper show so it was obviously a huge, huge deal for me.

The Muse: What’s next for you?

Ella: I have some exciting projects lined up for the next few months and am hoping that Coco’s Tea Party will continue to grow. At the moment I’m trying not to plan too much and am just enjoying the opportunities coming my way.

The Muse: What other blogs do you love?

Ella: Red Carpet Fashion Awards is my absolute favourite as I’m obsessed with the red carpet. I also really love reading The Man Repeller at the moment as it never fails to make me laugh. I love when fashion isn’t taken too seriously.

The Muse: Last one… who’s your ultimate style icon?

Ella: It’s a toss up between Sarah Jessica Parker and the Olsen twins. All three women have a wonderful ability to wear ‘fashion items’ and make them look truly original.

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