Say it with a satchel!

Take notice of what our style Muser Viki Imrie has to say this week – we all need a satchel! 

Girls: it’s official. Forget those giant statement hand bags we’ve all got sick and tired of carting around with us, there’s only one bag you need on your wish list for 2012 – THE SATCHEL!

Do you know what this means? No more juggling phone, hand bag and that Starbucks you just bought- it’s time to sling it over your shoulder and go hands free!

Satchel mania really started brewing with Mulberry’s gorgeous, slouchy Alexa, and if Mulberry don’t need handles then frankly neither do we. Ever since then we’ve seen satchels adorning the shoulders of celebrities, bloggers and the generally uber stylish.

It just so happens that a satchel is the perfect way to make a statement, so pick your trend and channel it through your bag – be it rainbow brights and neons, pastels and metallics or even prints. Take style advice from Elle Fanning for instance, with her neon pink Cambridge satchel- perfect for spicing up a simple monochrome ensemble.

For a more affordable (and we think much cuter) version of the Cambridge satchel try this mini tan number from Oasis- perfect for carefree sunny days in the park. Classic tan is a great choice and will go with everything so you don’t have to worry about those pesky colour clashes. Or alternatively this contrast tan and cream option from for £18!

For a bold, statement bag, try River Island’s fun elephant print satchel in cream, £37; just lovely against a delicate lace dress for Spring, or maybe Paul Boutique’s multi-coloured triangle print Sacha, £62. Also, look to New Look for a selection of strong, fashion-forward bags that will give any outfit an easy injection of style and colour, a great accessory to contrast against a pretty pastel jumper or compliment a biker jacket!

***Pink blush satchel, £19.99 or black and white colour block option, £19.99***

***Fiorelli’s orange and navy bag, £68.99 or this school satchel with contrast buckles, £19.99 (all four of the above from New Look)***


So get looking girls- there’s almost too much choice!

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