Muse It: Brooke talks about her time at New Look!

What a whirlwind that was! Three floors spilling over with all things Spring and only a couple of hours to tackle it all – it was not enough time!

New Look really are spot on this season and left my mouth watering. Gorgeous soft pastel tones, bold prints and shoes to die for – I really could have taken it all home. I settled for the coral patent stilettos and had so many compliments on them. They brighten up all outfits which means I can wear my usual muted tones and still be on trend!

Now the sun is starting to shine a little, it’s definitely time to bring out the candy colours. They really help you get in the Spring / Summer frame of mind and you don’t have to overdo it just yet!

Sooo many prints around and without looking like a crazy person, experiment and mix them up. In the video I have put together a clash print vest and skinnies in a less out-there way to show you don’t have to go over board with it if you’re as scared as me!!!

Shoes shoes shoes! I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. New Look have always had a great selection of affordable shoes but they have out done themselves! Love love loving the killer heels (not just cos I need them), and those brogues are on my ‘To Buy List’! So many more I wanted to show you but not enough hours in the day.

Hope you enjoy the vid and please get in touch with any clash print looks you’re rocking…

Brooke xx

Here’s some of my must haves from New Look…


Green sleeveless denim jacket, £16.99

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