Muse It: Brooke goes behind the scenes with

What an experience! I was so excited we were able to go and see the television campaign being filmed. It was exactly how I thought it would be but on a much larger scale.

Seeing all the backstage carnage with model after model in hair and make up and then being filmed, and of course meeting the incredible Jade Thompson who was just so lovely and humble after her win on Britain’s Next Top Model! are fully supporting the clash-print trend for this season, and they make it look fabulous! They’ve got some great key spring/summer pieces, it would be rude not to buy… especially as they have some real bargains! They are also loving the sports luxe trend too which I will definitely be experimenting with, Rihanna style!

What a great day and hope you guys had fun watching, as much fun as I did causing a scene onset!

Check out some of these behind-the-scenes pictures, don’t the models (clothes) look gorgeous??

Thanks for a FAB day!

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