Get Angelina Jolie’s Golden Globe dress for less!

For award season there is really only a few celebs that all the press take notice of. One such A lister is, of course, Angelina Jolie. Will she/won’t she outdo herself? Who will she wear? How much flesh will she show? What colour will it be?… and so on.

Angie has, quite disappointingly, chosen black time after time recently for her red carpet appearances. However, the Golden Globes, which were a few months ago, saw Angelina in one of our favourite frocks from all of red carpets this year  - her white and red satin Versace gown.

Fashion magazines and websites the world over went CRAZY for her dress. It was a brilliant choice by her/her stylist. And whilst the blogs kept on talking about it, The Pretty Dress Company quietly got to work on their version of Angelina’s dress.

Yes, those clever people have done it again. The Pretty Dress Company have created this AMAZING replica for all you fashionistas to enjoy. And what’s more, they have made two styles so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll wear it to!

Look, enjoy, swoon and SHOP!


*Short – £89 and long – £110*

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