Kim Kardashian shows off her Oscars party dress on Twitter!

She’s got over 13million followers on Twitter (us included!), so for those who are glued to the computer screen would have seen Kim’s sneak peek at her Oscars after party dress yesterday.

Here is the reality TV Queen in her closet. Yes, the Alaia dress is gorgeous and her curves have never looked better, but we were¬†mesmerised¬†by THOSE SHOES!!! OMG, look at all the glitter on the left. And the Louis Vuitton round holdalls behind her. She’s one lucky lady!

We have to say though, and we do love Kim ever so much, but we were getting a tad bored of her super-tight and short cocktail dresses. We much prefer her in a full length evening gown, like this one.

She loves a party, and at this one, Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Academy Awards party, she tweeted from inside saying: ‘Wow JLo looks amazing!!! Emma Stone looks beautful! The glam on the red carpet is heating up!’ Maybe next time she can take one of our Musers with her!!

Here she is with sister Kourtney. We’re FASHionate about her white, Grecian Raoul dress too!

Do you like Kim in her cut-out Alaia gown?

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